Untapped segment of Christian consumer market as large as the US Hispanic population


The difference between Christian consumers and Faith Driven Consumers

While today 71 percent of Americans self-identify as Christian, there is a rapidly emerging and economically powerful subset, known as Faith Driven Consumers, currently untapped by American retailers.

These Faith Driven Consumers spend $2 trillion annually and constitute 17 percent of American adults—one out of every six. They total 41 million people and are equivalent in size to the US Hispanic population – yet spend 75 percent more annually.

Do you know how they differ from the broader Christian market?  Are you prepared to reach them?

Chart description: 71 percent of Americans self-identify as Christian. Ten percent are classified as “non-practicing” while the remaining 61 percent fall into the “practicing” category. From the 61 percent of practicing Christians, a subset of 15 percent of the total population is defined as being “faith driven”. With a total US population of 310 million, 15 percent are Faith Driven Consumers – more than 46 million Americans.

Understanding Faith Driven Consumers: Not all Christians are the same

While the broadly combined market of non-practicing and non-FDC practicing Christians is largely indistinguishable from the secular arena in terms of consumer spending habits and motivation, Faith Driven Consumer Christians have specific characteristics and motivators that set them apart.

Not only do they practice their faith, pray, and attend church regularly, they apply a biblical filter to their daily activities – including the decisions they make about spending.

But what sets them apart from other Christians?

Faith Driven Consumers are highly differentiated from other subsets of Christians. Members of this group see their spiritual relationship with God as their highest priority.

They are anchored in a deeply rooted conviction to honor God and be faithful to Him and are driven by a strong moral and authority-oriented thinking style as they make their daily choices.

Unlike most Americans who make consumer decisions based on individual benefit, Faith Driven Consumers habitually think in terms of their faith and how best to steward their God-gifted resources.

Will they choose your brand?
With more than 41 million Americans being Faith Driven Consumers, this market segment is large enough to matter yet small enough to engage. Given their faith-driven approach to life’s daily decisions, targeted messages that speak directly to their distinct consumer wants and needs are necessary and highly effective.

If unprepared, you will miss out on this highly loyal market segment that actively seeks relationships with retailers compatible with their values and worldview. Even just a few adaptations to your brand’s marketing strategy can gain their trust, loyalty and appreciation.

Are you ready to pursue this rapidly emerging, powerful and untapped consumer market?

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