Top Leadership Insights from the 2012 Chick-fil-A Leadercast


Summary of highlights from global leadership event

The 2012 Chick-fil-A Leadercast was held in Atlanta, GA, on May 4th and broadcast all over the world. This one-day conference brought together 125,000 leaders from across the globe as 600 host sites brought the event to local communities in 17 countries. As a retailer, leadership skills from this type of forum can prove to be very beneficial for your organization.

Wish you could have been there?
If you missed this annual event, check out these insights on best-of-the best leadership shared by attendees who tweeted from around the world using the Twitter hashtag #CFALEADERCAST.

Top 25 tweets on best-practices leadership:
1. @mikehenrysr Don’t ever choose anything that will make you a liar for life. @AndyStanley‬‬
2. @Jeremandering As a leader, authenticity is your most precious commodity. Marcus Buckingham
3. @Jeremandering A leader is someone who can live with nothing, but have everything. @Sheena_Iyengar‬
4. @DCulberhouse Some leaders struggle to lead and motivate a team because they are stuck in what people think about them. @soledad_obrien
5. @TurningPtNate The greatest investment you will ever make is in yourself. If you won't invest in yourself why should anyone else? John Maxwell‬‬
6. @kim_kjones A leader is someone who can live with nothing, but have everything @Sheena_Iyengar
7. @GraceMassChoir Build a cohesive leadership team. Create clarity. Reinforce clarity. Over-communicate clarity. @PatrickLencioni
8. @maitramtran Passion - the phenomenal energizer of people. @JohnCMaxwell @AngelaAhrendts
9. @DCulberhouse Effective leaders see choice through others' eyes. @Sheena_Iyengar
10. @DCulberhouse @leadfearlessly: Over communicate clarity. Repeat yourself. Keep messages clear and frequent. 7x to remember, 12x to engage.
11. @timtebow To be a leader:  Love what you do, passion for what you do, be willing to sacrifice.
12. @mauneshbhatt The goal of leadership is not to eradicate uncertainty but rather to navigate it.
13. @RobJacobs:  In great companies leaders never tire of repeating their message!  Over communicating is key. @PatrickLencioni
14. @MartiWilliamson:  A growth environment is a place where others are ahead of me. @JohnCMaxwell
15. @RobertDickie: If we get better, our customers will demand that we get bigger. @AndyStanley
16. @Soledad_Obrien Leaders don't take the safe path, listen to your conscience! Leadership is taking a stand for justice.
17. @SeanSears Trust the younger leaders to lead and let the older, experienced leaders act as guides. @JohnCMaxwell
18. @amandaaanthony If you decide to walk through #life with #dignity, eventually others will #follow. @Soledad_Obrien
19. @CFALeadercast  Culture trumps vision. Culture trumps everything. @JohnCMaxwell
20. @WilkesChamber  We want to be led by our mission and to embed our values throughout the world. @AngelaAhrendts
21. @amandaaanthony Focus on what you can control. It will #change your life. @TimTebow
22. @flslikethefirst Things we can control: attitude, focus, effort. Things we can't: other people. @TimTebow
23. @FaithNomics @johncmaxwell You have to crockpot leaders, not microwave them. Leadership growth is a process.
24. @Jeremandering Techniques of one leader are not easily transferred to other leaders. All leaders are different. Marcus Buckingham
25. @judpatterson Making the right choices when it comes to saying positive things can help create a healthy organization.

Which was your favorite?
Share it in the comment section. If you were an attendee, please share your best take-aways from this event.

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