Rise of the Faith Driven Consumer


Who are the 41 million Americans that make up this subset of the Christian market?

A newly identified and quickly coalescing US market segment consisting of one out of every six American adults – with an annual purchasing power of $2 trillion – is ready, willing and able to do business with retailers who are compatible with their faith-driven values and worldview.

A minority representing 17 percent of U.S. adults, Faith Driven Consumers are a distinct subset of the broader Christian market.

While this group has been largely overlooked by retailers in the past, they are rapidly coming together as an enfranchised group with a unified voice and highly differentiated needs.  And they are actively seeking an alternative to their current retailer.

What does this group look like?

Research shows that Faith Driven consumers, while diverse by traditional measures,  are alike in their willingness to sacrifice price, convenience and comfort to connect with brands that are compatible with – and not hostile to – their values.

It also shows that these consumers are diverse by ethnicity, gender, age, geographical region and even political preferences – yet unified by the importance of their faith in every aspect of their daily lives.

In fact, the data show that approximately 66 percent of all Faith Driven Consumers are women, with a significant portion being African American. They index slightly older than the median age of the US population at 45+ and lean conservative in their political affiliations.

Key Indices for Faith Driven Consumers

What does this mean for you?
As retailers consider marketing to the lucrative and loyal Faith Driven Consumer subset of the Christian market, it is important to remember that not all Christians are alike.

In fact, research shows that effective messaging aimed at the broader and more secularly inclined Christian market does not resonate with Faith Driven Consumers – proving ineffective or even counterproductive for the retailer.

The good news is that those retail brands that are capable and willing to engage the Faith Driven Consumer market will reap long-term dividends in profits, loyalty and market share.

Do you know who Faith Driven Consumers are?  Are you ready to pursue them with tailored messaging that resonates with their unique and deeply-held convictions? Would you like to know more?

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