Faith Driven Consumers and the Digital Media Revolution


All indications are that advertising in the digital media realm is not only here to stay, but the foundation for the future.

Indeed, this infographic by R.O.I. Media shows that digital media advertising is no fad.

But where does the newly-identified and increasingly unified segment of the broader self-identified Christian market known as Faith Driven Consumers fit into the digital marketing equation?

Perhaps this recent New York Times piece – “Twitter Dynamos, Offering Word of God’s Love” – offers some clues as to the answer to this question:

Here, Amy O’Leary writes about the interest by social media powerhouse, Twitter, in Evangelical Christian leaders and their enthusiastic digital followings.

According to Twitter executives, messages tweeted by Evangelical Christian leaders, speakers and writers “punch way above their weight” compared to tweets by celebrities, sports figures and politicians with vastly larger subscriber audiences. In fact, tweets by Evangelical Christian leaders perform 30 times as well as those by pop culture stars.

Beyond this, executives at Twitter find that the Bible is particularly well-suited to the power of short messages found in digital media as a format for communication and advertising.

In contrast to the often mundane and superficial tweets by celebrity superstars like Lady Gaga, Katie Perry and Justin Bieber, there appears to be a particularly ripe market within Evangelical Christian audiences for short, edifying and inspirational messages of 140 characters or less – like those found frequently in the psalms and proverbs of the Bible.

With 41 million Americans being Faith Driven Consumers – 17 percent of U.S. adults – there is significant overlap with those who are Evangelical Christians.

Clearly, this audience is digitally savvy and seeking to steward the far-reaching power of the internet in ways that align with their faith and value – and bring honor and glory to God.

Twitter has picked up on the reality of a technologically engaged and committed Christian community. And they are directing corporate resources to reach this market audience.

With Faith Driven Consumers – one out of every six American adults – actively seeking retailer alternatives that respect their values and worldview, what is your brand doing to integrate with this niche market that spends $2 trillion annually?

And more specifically, what is your company doing online to engage with Faith Driven Consumers using resonant digital media messaging that delivers bottom-line results?  Do you know how to reach them?  If not, it’s time to engage, before your competition does.

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