Faith-based Quiz Show a Television Market Hit


More evidence that Faith Driven Consumers are a viable and desirable segment for brands

Last fall, I wrote on our Faith Driven Consumer blog about GSN’s new hit show, “The American Bible Challenge,” hosted by comedian Jeff Foxworthy. It premiered as the cable network’s top-rated program of all time with 1.7 million viewers, and maintained its position throughout the season with 13 million viewers and the highest viewership ratings for GSN in its 17-year history.

american-bible-challenge450Recently, GSN announced that the show, which features three teams of three contestants answering questions from the Bible, will be renewed for a second season. And to “bring a little more sauce and swag” to the hit show, GSN has added seven-time Grammy winner Kirk Franklin and an on-stage gospel choir into the mix.  

At its core, “The American Bible Challenge” is, as Brian Williams reported on NBC News, a “ground-breaking television quiz show” that combines America’s love of game shows with “the kind of Bible study groups that you’ll find all across this country.”  

The resounding success of “The American Bible Challenge” offers compelling evidence for a strong appetite among entertainment consumers for positive, uplifting and faith-driven products – and an eager embrace of those brands that reach out to them and make the effort to meet their wants and needs. Our research into the Faith Driven Consumer market segment also shows this to be true.

We know that there is a large and economically powerful segment of 41 million Americans – 17 percent of the U.S. adult population – that is actively seeking to be engaged by faith-compatible brands.  And we know that this rapidly coalescing movement spends $2 trillion annually and is ready, willing and able to switch to brands that will welcome them and include them in the market segmentation rainbow of diversity.

With “The American Bible Challenge,” GSN has hit a home run with a show whose intended target audience is evangelical Christians. As a retailer looking to hit home runs for your brand and shareholders, the Faith Driven Consumer segment remains largely overlooked and untapped.

Brands that take active steps to develop and employ messaging that resonates with the values of the one-out-of-every-six American adults who are Faith Driven Consumers will be rewarded with an affinity-driven loyalty that competitors will seek to emulate.

The question is:  who will get to the Faith Driven Consumer segment first?

GSN’s “The American Bible Challenge” clearly demonstrates the impact of Faith Driven Consumers in the marketplace. In the current economic climate – distinguished by flat-lining growth prospects and ongoing challenges in gaining market share against competitors – now is the time to consider whether your brand offers a natural affinity and compatibility with the Faith Driven Consumer segment.

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