A Commitment to Diversity and Business Growth

Today, society embraces the richness of diversity and unites to celebrate inclusion. The spotlight shines on businesses around the globe, measuring their response to this cultural shift.

While diversity and inclusion (D&I) activities vary by brand, one thing is clear: diversity identities are no longer limited to visible attributes—now they include characteristics that may not be as readily seen. 

This definitional evolution encourages more employees to bring 100% of themselves into the workplace, having a profound impact in the marketplace.

Competition for the best human capital requires reaching out to a diverse pool—yielding creativity, innovation and improved problem solving. Creating a diverse workforce that reflects an increasingly diverse customer base is good for business.

85% of global CEOs surveyed said that a formal diversity and inclusiveness strategy has improved their bottom line

Ignoring diversity—internally or externally—costs time and money. It's bad for business.

Is this true at your brand?